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ayaka performing her song “Tsuyoku Omou” (I Strongly Believe) with Kazumasa Oda.

I love ayaka’s voice -studio and live versions, she sounds amazing. “Tsuyoku Omou” is one of my favorite songs from ayaka’s recent works.  This live version, where she performed with Kazumasa Oda, made the song more soulful and melodramatic with Oda’s solemn repertoire. 

Original version with english translation here

エトセトラ (Et cetera) by ONE OK ROCK, ripped from Zankyo Reference TOUR in YOKOHAMA ARENA 1.22.2012. credit. lyrics w/ translation.

I just watched the DVD of ONE OK ROCK’s recent concert at Yokohama arena. Awesome performance. d(ゝc_,・*)ок♪

Their version of エトセトラ (Et cetera) here is my favorite, more refined than the album/single versions. I just love the string arrangements coinciding with the band. Coupled with Taka’s emotional vocals, this segment gave me some goosebumps. 

Thanks to my brother, this song is stuck in my head for the past 2 days. I have to admit that the lyrics is spot on, having this universal feeling of neglect and aloofness. The melody is contagious.

The song is like a breath of fresh air in the pop music scene, amidst all the flashy, poppy gimmicks.   

Here’s to more of his kind. 

"Virtual World" by Matsushita Yuya. The song was included in his "キミへのラブソング〜10年先も〜 " (Kimi he no Love song ~Even after 10 years) single -version E, if I’m not mistaken.

This track, which Yuya wrote and composed, was actually made in 2009. He performed this at his ‘Independence 2009’ live show. 

Lyrics translation in here. MORE plus points for him -for making his own song. ( ゚▽゚)

And another PLUS: Yuya is going to star again in another Musical this coming July, “Dream High”.

Matsushita Yuya’s live performance of “Mr. ‘Broken Heart’” at his LAST NIGHT concert -DVD.

The introduction of this version sounds really good -the chimes and vocals.

In line with ayaka’s comeback album, just wanted to share her live performance on Music Fair 2007 -singing to Yutaka Ozaki’s song “I LOVE YOU”.

There were many renditions/cover songs made for this one, but ayaka’s version is one of the best in my opinion. Utada Hikaru and Nakashima Mika had their renditions, but I still like ayaka’s better (even if I’m a huge Hikki fan).

Video performance here.